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CLAAD’s Alex Cahana, M.D.: To Treat Pain and Prevent Addiction, Know Your Patients

medMedscape has published an article authored by CLAAD’s Director of Medical Affairs, Alex Cahana, MD, MAS, FIPP, entitled “America, We Have a Problem: Solving the Opioid Overdose Epidemic.” In addition to outlining the current state of the opioid abuse epidemic in the United States, Dr. Cahana discusses the need for better prescribing practices, as well intervention before prescription drug misuse or other substance use progresses to addiction. In order to reduce rising death rates, he says, medical professionals must get to know their patients. In addition to their routine use of lab tests and imaging, he calls for professionals to go beyond human contact and quantify human social traits at every clinical encounter. “Not measuring pain interference, mood, diet, activity, exercise, and sleep limits the understanding of the effects of any therapy and makes prescribers incapable of guiding patients and their families to cope with, and remove, the obstacles that deny them the health and wellbeing they seek,” he said. Read Dr. Cahana’s full Medscape piece here.

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