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Webster: Jennifer Aniston Nails Her Role in Cake, Living with Chronic Pain

By Lynn Webster, M.D. Published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on February 11, 2015 More than two decades ago, Tom Hanks won his first Best Actor Oscar for the movie Philadelphia, contributing...
Posted on Feb 11, 2015
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ACPA: Chronic Pain is a Family Matter

American Chronic Pain Association video offers help for those who live with someone with chronic pain More than 100 million Americans live with some form of chronic pain, according to the...
Posted on Jan 27, 2015
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US Pain Foundation: Access to Abuse-Deterrent Medications is Critical

By Paul Gileno Published in The Connecticut Mirror on January 26, 2015 Each day it seems, we are reading a new story about another life lost or ruined by addiction to prescription medication....
Posted on Jan 26, 2015
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Webster: VA Announcement Provides Hope to Veterans with Persistent Pain

By Lynn R. Webster, MD Images of happy reunions, embraces with family members, and young parents seeing their infant sons and daughters for the first time have followed the more than 10,000...
Posted on Jan 22, 2015
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RADARS: Opioid Abuse on the Decline

After decades of opioid abuse, a new study by the Researched Abuse, Diversion and Addiction-Related Surveillance (RADARS®) System shows that abuse rates are decreasing. Results from the...
Posted on Jan 19, 2015
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Pharmacogenetic Testing in Pain Medicine: Experts Weigh in

Genetics are increasingly explaining the variability of responses to medical treatment and helping to predict more effective and safer medication choices. Pain Medicine News asked four pain...
Posted on Jan 06, 2015
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US Pain Foundation: Debating the Rescheduling of Hydrocodone

Cindy Steinberg of the Massachusetts Pain Initiative and the U.S. Pain Foundation participated in a Boston Globe debate about the recent hydrocodone rescheduling by the Drug Enforcement...
Posted on Dec 03, 2014
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