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FDA Fast Tracks Promising Abuse-Deterrent Opioid

Last month, the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences’ Bridging Interventional Development Gaps (BrIDGs) program granted Signature...
Posted on Sep 06, 2013
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The Locking Cap To Be Distributed Nationwide

A major U.S. drug distributor recently agreed to distribute The Locking Cap nationwide. The Locking Cap is a prescription bottle cap with a combination lock. It is designed to keep children from...
Posted on Jul 19, 2013
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CLAAD Lauds Signature Therapeutics’ R&D Efforts To Reduce Rx Abuse

The Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence (CLAAD) praised Signature Therapeutics, Inc. today for taking a national lead in biopharmaceutical research and development by joining...
Posted on Jul 12, 2013
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Lawmakers Urge FDA To Block Generics from Making Crushable OxyContin

American drug companies are leading the way in pain management, but their efforts have created a very dangerous byproduct: Pain medication addiction. In fact, more than 16,000 people die from...
Posted on Apr 04, 2013
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Canada Brings Old OxyContin Back in Cheaper, Generic Form

Canada’s Minister of Health has approved the marketing of generic, extended-release oxycodone without abuse-deterrent features. Defending her controversial decision, the minister stated, “The...
Posted on Nov 19, 2012
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Courts, FDA To Decide When, How Generic OxyContin will Come to Market

Purdue Pharma LP, the maker of OxyContin, says the new version of the opioid medication it introduced in 2010, and which has patent protection until 2025, is tougher to abuse than the original...
Posted on Jun 28, 2012
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AAPM: Better Pain Medicine Training, Services Needed for Returning Veterans

The American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) released a position statement in response to media reports and comments from government officials on the prescription pain drug–related deaths of...
Posted on Aug 01, 2011
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